For a client, patient or customer

For a client, patient or customer

Can I assist with [relevant task, for example filling in a patient record]? May I ask, do you often avoid things like this? If you ever want to work on that, I can give you some information.

Have you heard of 26TEN? It’s been around in Tasmania for years now, and a lot of people have been able to get better at reading and writing, and make life easier for themselves. You certainly won’t be the only one ringing them. Nearly half of Tasmanians have trouble with reading, writing and maths. Here’s the number in case you want to have a think about it…

If you ever need a hand with your reading, writing or maths, you can sign up for help through 26TEN. Would you be interested in doing this? If you are, I have the number here.

I know of this great program called 26TEN. Have you heard about it? It’s designed to help adults improve their skills so they feel confident. Would you like to know some more about it?

Are you much of a reader? [if the answer is no, allow time for them to elaborate if they wish]. Have you ever heard of 26TEN?

I saw you weren’t able to finish [relevant task/question/answer]. I’m wondering if you found it a bit hard? Am I on the right track?

How did you get on with understanding all the handouts we gave you the other day about the [relevant health condition or hospital paperwork]? Sometimes it can be hard to wade through it all. Especially when you aren’t feeling well. May I ask, do you ever have a bit of trouble reading?

You’ve been my patient for [number of months/years]. Can I talk to you about something I think may interest you? It might help. Especially with [relevant task related to health condition or procedure].

Lots of people have trouble reading these instructions. Can I give you a hand? Did you know there are lots of tricks that people use to write and spell? You can learn them too.

They don’t make it easy for us to fill out forms, do they? Do you feel like you could use some help?

I notice you appear frustrated when you have to fill in forms. I know I do, as I struggle with spelling at times. Is there a particular part that you don’t like?