For a friend or family member

For a friend or family member

I’ve noticed that form gave you a bit of trouble the other day. I find them hard sometimes, particularly the online ones. Do you often have trouble with them?

Reading the bus timetable is really tricky. 26TEN helped someone with that same problem, and she can now catch the bus to town.

Do you feel like you are missing out on what’s going on [relevant primary or high school] because the information that gets sent home is hard to understand? You’d be great at helping out at school. Maybe someone could help you feel more confident with the reading side of things? So you can get involved?

I know you’ve been thinking of completing your [senior secondary schooling or other relevant qualification]. Why don’t we call 26TEN and see if they can line you up with a tutor? Give you a bit of a leg-up before you take the next step?

Have you heard of 26TEN? About half of adult Tasmanians need help with their reading, writing or maths, but they don’t all have the courage to do something about it. It does take courage, but you won’t regret it, and you won’t be alone.

Have you heard of 26TEN? Perhaps you know some people who could benefit. There is some free support available locally. We should get everyone using it more.

So many people find maths hard. What about you?

Computers do so much for us these days, but did you know you can get help locally for reading, writing and maths? It’s confidential. I’ve heard it’s really good.

I know you’ve been frustrated without work. I heard about 26TEN. You just call the number and they have someone line you up with the right help. Even if it’s getting someone to check your job applications and work on your writing. Should we call and see what they say?

You mentioned the other day that you would be interested in doing a bit of study. There’s this really supportive group of people that help with reading, writing or maths. Would you like me to help you give them a call?