For a work colleague or employee

For a work colleague or employee

You mentioned you were interested in applying for [a job/promotion]. You will need some extra skills for the new job, especially [relevant skill/s]. Have you heard about 26TEN? They can line you up with someone to help get your writing up to speed. You’d be great at that job.

Looks like writing’s a bit tough for you. That must make things a bit hard. It seems like we have to fill in more and more forms these days…

There’s a fair bit of study involved in getting that licence. Did you know 26TEN can help get your reading and writing up to the standard you might need to make that easier?

As you might know, our workload will be increasing soon. I just want to let you know that if you wanted to get help with the maths side of things, it may make this period easier. I’m offering this to all our staff. There’s no shame in it. We are going to be so busy and I want you to know we can support you to do this. Would you like the 26TEN number?

You are a great [employee type]. Lately I’ve noticed you aren’t getting [job] done as well as you usually do. I’ve realised it’s been like this since [changed process, such as, we moved to using emails for setting up jobs]. Is there something about this change that isn’t working for you?

It’s good you were willing to step up and take on the supervisor role for your team. How’s it going? I’ve noticed that some of the messages from management are getting a bit confused by the time they reach the guys on the floor. I’m concerned we haven’t given you enough support to take on this new role. It is a big change.

I noticed the other day, when we worked on writing the [insert appropriate item] together you were a bit reluctant to take the lead. How do you feel about your writing? If you were interested, 26TEN offers some free services that are confidential. They can help build your confidence for writing this kind of document. This skill would really benefit you in your career.

I’ve been thinking about how much we all assume, especially about how we understand information, read or write. And I’ve been wondering whether you have ever thought about getting a bit of help with your reading, writing or maths?

It may have been a long time since you studied. It can be difficult to know how to get started learning something new. We can help you get a bit of support, just to get started, if you are interested. 26TEN offers some free services that are confidential. They can help build your confidence for [appropriate skill].

You could use a recent problem at work. For example:

Did you hear about Joe, and how he got the food order for Mrs Frank wrong? Boy, did she give him an earful. It turns out he didn’t know the words for very many foods and her writing was poor on the order, so he guessed. Bad move. I’m going to check out 26TEN. Did you know they can help with reading, writing and maths?