What is a 26TEN Chat
26TEN Chat is a step-by-step guide helping Tasmanians start a conversation with those who struggle with reading, writing or maths.

Have you ever noticed someone you know lacking confidence with their reading, writing or maths? Perhaps they seem anxious about filling in a form, avoid writing anything down, or ‘leave their glasses at home’ a lot?

You can start a conversation that encourages them to seek the help they need to make their life a little easier.


Sometimes a little encouragement is all a person needs to get some help because it is possible to improve reading, writing and maths as an adult.

It is possible for anyone to raise the subject with those they know could benefit.

The guide ‘How to have a 26TEN Chat’ provides the steps you need.

The guide will help you get started and give you the confidence to broach the subject.